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The net RGU losses in the quarter consisted of 2,236 postpaid additions offset by 7,701 prepaid losses.

Frankly, for the last three years or so, we have underperformed on that.

We've even seen that number increase in recent weeks. So we're kind of marrying up those two investments. As Brad highlighted, we are very pleased with the financial performance of the business this quarter during an uncertain and an unpredictable environment. Good afternoon everyone and thank you for taking the time to join us a little later than usual on a Friday afternoon. And I'm pleased now that we have retail pricing that is more reflective of the investments that we've made so that we're getting the appropriate return on that. He notes that this deal is consistent with this strategy, and “in some ways represents a next step.” He added, “The supply agreement is notable as it helps demonstrate the economics that successful development of partnered vaccines could bring.”According to the company’s guidance, CpG 1018 could capture 15-30% of the economics when used in partnered vaccines. 2 Buys and no Holds or Sells have been issued in the last three months. Despite the reduced subscriber activity, Shaw says it saw a 72 percent increase in customers choosing to self-install. I wanted to get your thoughts on how you see that as an opportunity for freedom, given sort of where the economic conditions are and sort of, obviously, your pricing differentials would be incumbents, not trying to get sort of near-term views on Wireless volumes for you guys, but how do you sort of approach that opportunity? Source: International Energy AgencyIn Asia, the IEA reported that middle distillate inventories rose with historic norms. In the early days of the pandemic and as a consequence of widespread business closures, some of our Shaw Business customers requested a temporary suspension of their business service. There was a bit more cord cutting and cord shaving on the Video category during that time period, but it was fairly modest in immaterial, but it is one thing that we're just watching very, very closely, no material changes to date. “...our consultants think there is a need for new vasopressors in CRH, and therefore we remain hopeful that Giapreza can ramp to become a meaningful product over time,” he explained.On top of this, in July, LJPC acquired Tetraphase, giving it the rights to Xerava, a novel fluorocycline antibacterial designed for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections. They have a grain of truth.Buying low and selling high has always been known as the way to make a profit, from the earliest days of human barter. And then, Drew, on the first part of your question, I'll speak a little bit to June, but I don't want to get too far ahead of kind of guidance on this thing. I mean we are -- we spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the last number of years on improving the reliability and speed of that plan, and if this is an appropriate price for that. We talked a little bit about bad debt.

Our customers can also continue to order Freedom Mobile services from select dealer locations and national retail partners by phone or through on-line platforms. It was easily the biggest one-week decline in the history of the series. I think we caught some people off guard with how little we were impacted on the network side with the surge of COVID. Accordingly, we continue to monitor the health of our business on a daily basis and remain agile in our decision making and approach to serving our customers. ET. Adjusted per-share earnings are down 18.6% from 43 cents during the same time last year.

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