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media: 48239840, quicklist: 5 Lisbon – City with a Future, City of Seven Hills, The White City, 67. This name dates back to the 17th century.

And by the way, Sydney’s nickname is also Emerald City.

“Where the west begins”, “Cowtown”, “the Fort”, and my favorite- “Funkytown”. It’s in the National anthem of the country too, Auckland – The City of Sails Steamboat Springs (Colorado) — Ski City USA Bangui is “La Coquette” – the beautiful, maybe onceuponatime Denver — The Mile High City Philadelphia, the city of “Brotherly Love;” Las Vegas, “Sin City,” New York, “The Big Apple.”, Jimmy is correct. Its not frisco damit!! Pachuca, MX, La bella airosa (similar to the windy city, from its winds and altitude) Zurich has a world-class infrastructure system which never gets as crowded. Yes!! Calgary Alberta .. Cowtown. What a wonderful source, Thank you miruna…here are a few Irish ones for starters!

Also known as – Interestingly, it doesn’t have a business or banking district. The pyramids are visible from nearly everywhere in Cairo, a constant reminder of the city’s glorious past. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, something it’s always taken pride in. Cincinnati = Cinci. How 10 popular US cities got their nicknames, How Trump plowed through $1 billion, losing cash advantage, With coronavirus concerns a factor, it's all tied up in North Carolina: Poll, Mom missing for 12 days in national park was 'disoriented' after injuring head. Find out the history behind some of the interesting city nicknames across the globe. You will find offices evenly spread throughout the city. Much of Athen’s charm is thanks to its well-preserved history. Sarajevo is “Jerusalem of Europe” – many religions living together Hiroshima: city of peace. Influences from Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture sit alongside modern designs. La Paz, Mexico, is The Pier of Ilussions. These urban planners brought French ideas to Buenos Aires and shaped the Argentinean capital forever. Also in literature Saint Petersburg is called the ‘Northern Palmire’ or ‘Northern Pearl’, ‘Museum-city’, ‘The Culture-Capital of Russia’. text: The backstory behind this is short and sweet: “The angels” is the literal Spanish translation of Los Angeles. It’s been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Dubrovnik – The Pearl of the Adriatic, 52. Guatemala, the land of the eternal spring, Dont forget the graveyard to the west or Louisville, I was looking for something else and accidentally checked my home city…. The Rainy City, No Funcouver (in the news re: strict liquor laws), Raincouver, but VanCity ia the most popular. Newspapers dating back to the 1870s used the phrase but the mystery still remains today. Osaka — The Nation’s Kitchen text: It should come as no surprise that Las Vegas, a destination synonymous with gambling, boozing and other vices, has been dubbed Sin City. Usually we locals call it Piter, some rappers gave it a nickname ‘Saint P’. I’d suggest checking how many hits you get from Google on your ‘nickname’ vs. very common nickname Warsaw Phoenix City. Tree-lined streets and lush, tropical plants give the city a vibrant green throughout the year, helped by the abundant rainfall that this part of Thailand receives. A range of different architectural styles make up the skyline. The Forbidden City is the imperial palace complex in Beijing. ‘City By The Bay’ is much less used, but also acceptable.

San Salvador, The Valley of the Hammocks (Lots of earthquakes).

title:4. Veracruz, MX, The Key of Mexico. And Wkipedia is wrong! The city boasts a 5,280-foot (or one-mile high) elevation point, which lends itself to the nickname. The city was founded on the same day the Catholic holiday Three Kings’ Day takes place, thus taking its name. The World in one City At Coors Field, a row of purple seats stands out against the sea of green ones to mark the mile-high line.

), Great list, Miruna! Another nickname I like is the one my hometown has, if I may add it to the list: Treviso, “the painted city” (urbs picta), due to the considerable number of frescos and paintings that you could find on houses and buildings during the Middle Age. Also Verona is “city of Romeo and Juliet” I think everybody know why, city Braga is called “Portugalian Rome”, Edinburgh “Athens of the North”, Prague “heart of Europe” (Budapest also), Lima “city of kings”, Lisbon “Queen of the sea”, Treviso “Painted city”, Moscow “the first throne” and capital of my country, Bratislava, is called “Partyslava” or “beauty on the Danube”.

He started his most famous building, the Sagrada Familia, in 1883 and is still under construction. It regularly hosts performances from the biggest names in classical music. Great article! The influence Florence has had on modern Western lifestyle is immense. God bless you for this post! media: 48239890, quicklist: 9 Switzerland is famous for remaining neutral during conflicts, another reason for it to be known as The Peace Capital. Cute little list yo. As one of the world’s greenest cities, you can enjoy another type of peace. Sao Paulo – Brazil’s Locomotive, Land of Drizzle, Sampa, 51. Singapura translates to The Lion City. I’m from nº85 Porto the invincible city , HongKong is not the Pearl of the orient seas – it’s the Philippines Boston’s nicknames: Beantown (most notable and common), The Cradle of Liberty, The Cradle of Modern America, The Athens of America, and The Walking City.

It’s a sure sign the person who uses that nickname is clueless. While that is a literal interpretation, others think the nickname was coined elsewhere (its exact origins are unclear). Magic City, Miami It is the WORST name you can call San Francisco. He later used the catchphrase in one of his columns, and in 1924, he wrote “The Big Apple, the dream of every lad that ever threw a leg over a thoroughbred and the goal of all horsemen.

While I have never heard of ‘Default City’ but I heard the 2nd (offensive term) pronounced by some superiority complex idiots from other Polish cities. And William Penn, the city’s founder, is the one to thank for coming up with that. Also here, Bragança is called ” The Portugal’s Crib” Warsaw – Default City, Big Village in the Middle of Nowhere??? Your email address will not be published. Vancouver doesn’t have the heavy industry to warrant the nickname that is Toronto’s!! Penn, who was a Quaker, envisioned a city of religious tolerance, according to the Free Library of Philadelphia.

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