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Google Ads is Google  advertising service for a business that wants to show ads on Google search and other platforms like Youtube and Mobile Applications. Conduct the training at your office anytime, anywhere. You want to use video ad sequencing frameworks. ), What are two ways Google Ads can fuel your business goals? He wants his products to be featured in various online sporting publications while potential customers are researching and comparing different football brands online.Which option will help Robert influence customer consideration?

Molly wants to clear her remaining stock in preparation for ordering a new line of products to sell. Paul’s interested in generating conversions with Google Display Ads, but he’s not confident in setting bids himself. How does Google Display Ads help advertisers meet their marketing objectives and drive results? However, the real benefit of being a Google Ads certified professional is that it actively demonstrates your knowledge and skills in managing Google Ads campaigns.

It uses best-in-class automation and bidding to reach millions of users at just the right moment. They’re limited to banner-eligible slots. (Choose two. Marie is a marketer trying to maximize specific user actions after the click. We keep updating our answers as the Exam Change. Viktor’s been tracking the conversions in his Display campaign for the last 30 days.

Your company wants to have greater success online. Becoming a Google Ads certified professional is a great way to promote and demonstrate your knowledge and skills when it comes to managing Google Ads campaigns. 125.

Cap the number of ads you pay for, based on your business. ), 67. Which statement is true about the value of Google Display Ads?

Responsive Display Ads leverage powerful machine-learning models to generate reports customized to meet the specific requirements of each campaign.

Google Ads was constructed around three core principles, focused on helping businesses reach their online potential.

When your ads must meet exact branding requirements.

87. It allows him to identify valuable audiences and collect statistical usage data from the websites where his ad appears.

107. 51. Which Display Ad format should you use if you’re concerned about malware and want a secure ad experience across platforms? Read more. What are two benefits of automated bidding?

120. He’d like to influence customer consideration, but his niche audience isn’t covered by an In-market audience segment.Which two data inputs can Howard submit to best represent his audience? What’s a key benefit of Responsive Display Ads? What are two of the three inputs she must supply in order to create a Smart Display campaign? Adam has determined that “Drive action” is the appropriate marketing objective for his new Display campaign.What are two relevant options he might use to reach his goal? In order to drive sales with her Google Display Ads campaign, Charlotte wants to reach audiences who looked at products on her website, with new ads for those exact products. Insight: Provides more robust industry data than other ad formats. Which campaign types are available to her in Google Ads?

Marta has a tight marketing budget and needs to use a strategy that can drive customers to her website for a set cost.

Ken sees a high level of success from his Display campaigns, and wants to take performance to the next level with the help of Dynamic remarketing. (Choose two.). When your goal is to maximize the reach and scale of your campaign.

How does Google Display Ads drive marketing results every day for thousands of advertisers around the world? Which type of automated bidding strategy will Viktor be using? Mary feels confident managing Google Search campaigns and is interested in extending her marketing reach with the help of Google Display ads. Mary feels confident managing Google Search campaigns and is interested in extending her marketing reach with the help of Google Display ads.

(Choose two.). Tommy values performance over everything else. Match each business objective with the Google Ads campaign type that best meets it.

How does Google Display Ads drive marketing results every day for thousands of advertisers around the world? When a Responsive Display Ad is automatically assembled, what’s adjusted to fit the ad slot? A small marketing group uses Google Display Ads to help deliver relevant advertising to people browsing the web. In addition to standard Google Ads reporting, it provides reports that facilitate broad, strategic ad management. He’s using a Google Ads Display campaign to drive purchases in that segment, and chooses In-Market audiences as his targeting option.What’s the advantage In-Market audiences gives Nathan in reaching his marketing goals?

What’s the most likely reason she decided on remarketing?

Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types which determine where your ad will appear and the format in which it will be displayed.What are the available campaign types? The order of the Questions is always Different.

Google Ad Grants works just like Google Ads online advertising, by displaying your message to people who are searching for nonprofits like yours. Which recommendation can be provided to Hank by the Performance Planner?

It makes it possible for her customers to purchase art supplies directly from within her ads.

What is one way that Performance Planner helps businesses increase sales? With Google Ads you always pay using cost-per-reach, predetermined by your budget.

Coach your company to fully move to an online-only presence. Delivered in bite-sized video lessons, it’s a popular starter and refresher course and it covers everything you need to launch successful search campaigns. Performance Planner leverages machine learning for forecasting. Cassandra wants to customize her Google Display Ads based on how potential customers previously engaged with her website.Which option best suits her needs?

She’s setting up a Google Display Campaign to identify and engage with large audiences in order to extend their market reach.Which statement most accurately describes the reach a Google Display Campaign can provide Loretta?
And here’s an example of a question where you need to match answers to the correct options: The questions cover a broad range of topics from fundamentals, best practices, the steps you need to follow in your account to create ads, to questions covering particular features, like Dynamic Search Ads and the Performance Planner. They have a library of creative assets to match your product. 115. It allows him to select for new audiences and scale down his advertising to appear on specific websites that he chooses.

74. You want to increase control of your ad format. The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. 79. 38. His ads can contain proprietary formatting that allow him to precisely demonstrate how his products work.

Automated bidding uses machine learning to algorithmically help you set the appropriate bid for each and every auction.

What’s provided by Responsive Display Ads?
Using the Performance Planner on a monthly basis allows you to optimize which two aspects of an account? Jake’s been trying to build brand awareness for his new clothing line.

We don’t and never have recommended to use these answers as cheatsheet. She wants full control over all aspects of her Display campaigns. When I recently sat the exam, a number of questions covered these topics.

She’s starting a Google Display Ads campaign and is considering methods to reach her sports-loving audience.What’s a compelling reason for Zoe to use Affinity Audiences?

Automated bidding does the heavy lifting for advertisers on Google Ads. 44. She’s creating a Display campaign to reach parents between the ages of 25 to 34.Which targeting option should Thelma select to achieve her marketing goal? She’ll soon host a jazz event and wants to create awareness around it, especially within the community of jazz enthusiasts.Which targeting option should Olivia choose in order to achieve her marketing goal? You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible.How can Google Ads help? It allows her to reach over 75% of national internet users across millions of apps and websites. It can always be used as a Shopping campaign. You could recruit more volunteers.

When You get the Certificate, Google sends you an email with your official certificate, You can save it and use it in your Portfolio to add more weight in your Resume.

Viktor’s been tracking the conversions in his Display campaign for the last 30 days. Jasmine is the director of marketing for a chain of clothing stores.

She’s starting a Google Display Ads campaign and is considering methods to reach her sports-loving audience.

We've created step-by-step videos with Applied Digital Skills to help you make the most of Ad Grants. High-quality classrooms that utilize hands-on learning training, intentional spaces, provided with computer and WiFi. And if you’re looking to gain practical skills and gain important knowledge for the search exam, then you can join my Google Ads Fundamentals course.

Which two data inputs can Howard submit to best represent his audience? Why is using the performance targets feature after utilizing the Performance Planner recommended? By leveraging existing materials, he aims to extend his reach while saving cost.

50. Follow up training will be scheduled in the future. To allocate budgets that drive incremental conversions, To take advantage of seasonal trends throughout the year, To find growth opportunities regarding device targeting, To identify the most profitable location targeting. We’ll walk you through the steps required to set up your Google Ad Grants account and start advertising. Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to implement tracking tags to measure your users.


At least 100 conversions on Display or at least 50 conversions on Search. (Choose two. How can automated bidding benefit advertisers? She has been asked to plan her company’s online advertising budget on a monthly basis. Zoe runs a sports media website that caters to fans of many different types of sports.

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