ground pangolin

N’hésitez pas à partager cette vidéo si cette cause vous touche et vous parle. A … [lot of] progress [has been made] in the reduction and even eradication of the usage of pangolin in medicine is foreseeable.”.

Aidez-nous à faire connaître cette espèce menacée et agissez pour les animaux en achetant une peluche.

En 1987, Colyn et coll. While the EIA report suggests that the pangolin trade is persisting in China, and that any regulatory measures have so far been ineffective, the team at CBCGDF says there has still been major progress in pangolin conservation in China. Ce qui contraste avec Kingdon[7] (1971) qui a noté que les pangolins géants pouvaient creuser des terriers jusqu'à 40 m de long et 5 m de profondeur. Partner Resources The babies are carried outside once they reach 2 to 4 weeks old. Comme les autres espèces de pangolins, cette espèce est dans l’Annexe I de la CITES dont le commerce international est réglementé. Sur les huit espèces qui existent dans le monde,  quatre vivent en Afrique et quatre en Asie. Les pangolins géants sont dotés de 5 doigts à chaque membre. Heinrich, S., Wittman, T.A., Ross, J.V., Shepherd, C.R., Challender, D.W.S., and Cassey, P, Daniel Challender, J E M Baillie, C Waterman, D Pietersen, H Nash, L Wicker, K Parker, P Thomson, Thai Van Nguyen, L Hywood, C R Shepherd, Liste rouge des espèces menacées de l’IUCN, forêts marécageuses inondées de façon saisonnière, Les écailles de pangolin en Médecine traditionnelle chinoise,éant&oldid=173078381, Taxobox utilisant une classification non précisée, Catégorie Commons avec lien local différent sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. African pangolins such as the ground pangolin prefer burrows, while Asian pangolins sleep in hollows and forks of trees and logs. “Facts will prove that our estimation is reasonable.”. Données sur l’exploitation du ‘petit et moyen gibier’ des forêts ombrophiles du Zaïre. Their tongues stretch so far, they are actually longer than their bodies. [4], The African pangolin species are native to 15 African countries dispersed throughout southern, central, and east Africa. Experts from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC) Pangolin Specialist Group shared expertise on pangolins through presentations and working group sessions. Ce que l’on sait moins, en revanche, c’est que le pangolin est aussi recherché pour son cuir. Thought to be among the most trafficked mammals in the world, pangolins are threatened by unsustainable and illegal international and domestic trade of their scales, which are used in traditional Asian medicine, and their meat, which is considered a luxury food in many cultures, as well as by habitat loss. Les raisons sont de nature morphologique[5] et génétique[6]. Pour les chasser, il fouille le sol et n’hésite à le gratter de ses longues griffes incurvées afin de découvrir les nids de fourmis ou à arracher l’écorce des arbres et mettre à jour les termites. Pangolin meat is sold as a high-end delicacy in China and Vietnam, the blood is believed to be a healing tonic, and pangolin fetuses have alleged health benefits and aphrodisiac qualities. When threatened, it usually rolls up into a ball, thus protecting its vulnerable belly. Ground Pangolin on The IUCN Red List site -,, Lions and hyenas are amongst their predators, and they can be killed by brush fires and electrocuted by electric fences. Le pangolin géant est le plus gros de toutes les espèces de pangolin, avec une masse de plus de 30 kg et une taille de 140 cm à 180 cm : Le pangolin géant dispose d'un long museau et d'une queue épaisse. Pangolins are solitary and active mostly at night.

One company selling pangolin-based medicine is China Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group Co. Ltd., the country’s largest TCM pharmaceutical company, which has subsidiaries in many parts of the world, as well as shareholders from major European and US investment funds, the report says. Working group recommendations were reported to the CITES Inter-sessional Pangolin Working Group for their consideration leading up to the 66th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee in Geneva (Switzerland), 11-15 January 2016. Il se rencontre à travers un large gradient altitudinal allant d'un peu au-dessus du niveau de la mer dans les forêts côtières des plaines de l'Afrique de l'Ouest jusqu'à au moins 2 220 m (mont Mutenda dans la réserve naturelle de Tayna à de l'est de la RDC).

No pangolin medicine, no pangolin wine, no pangolin jewelry, no pangolin scales or leather. Colyn, M., Dudu, A., Mankoto, M.M., 1987.

Receive the latest news in sustainability, daily or weekly. S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science. Most live on the ground, but some, like the black-bellied pangolin, also climb trees. Breeding occurs throughout the year, even while females are rearing young.

Delegates from African and Asian pangolin range countries joined together for the first time to develop a unified conservation action plan to protect pangolins at the First Pangolin Range States Meeting. For a small donation of S$60 a year, your help would make such a big difference. Subscribe to our newsletter. Leading up to and during this meeting, the United States worked closely with a coalition of countries and non-government organizations committed to gaining support for the Appendix I-listing proposals. To replace the act of chewing, the pangolin stomach is muscular, with keratinous spines that project into the interior and contains small stones to mash and grind prey, similarly to a bird’s gizzard. [10] They have been observed exposing entire subterranean nests of a certain species of termites without eating any, preferring to find their species of choice. Vous vous sentez concerné ? The Ground pangolin is solitary and nocturnal, although in winter often it will venture out during the late afternoon. En procédant ainsi, il protège les parties de son corps les plus vulnérables et ne laisse exposées aux éventuels prédateurs que les parties les plus solides. Il se rencontre dans les savanes et les zones boisées. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce site, nous supposerons que vous en êtes satisfait. Dissertatio zoologica inauguralis, exhibens enumerationem mammalium capensium. While there are some regulations on how these stockpiles are managed, the legal origin does not need to be verified, according to the EIA report. Little is known about how they communicate with each other, but they probably use visual cues, smells, sounds, and touch. Plusieurs pays d'Afrique subsaharienne ont émis des timbres dédiés au pangolin géant, tels que le Gabon (1985 et 1996[15]), le Sénégal (1994[16]). Une paire de glandes anales, en particulier chez le mâle, produisent une sécrétion blanche et cireuse, très odorante et nauséabonde. All three pangolin species found in Central Africa are threatened by poaching and trafficking for the commercial bushmeat market and to meet the international demand for their scales and meat, as well as by habitat loss.

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