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how to survive dangerous situations

Spread your extremities out as much as possible to try to create drag and slow yourself down. Stay on your feet. Even then it is very risky, the best bet is usually remaining compliant and hoping you will be rescued or that an opportunity will come up later. Begin preparations to take shelter as soon as a watch is issued. Woods really do look pretty much the same once you get in the midst of them. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. If all else fails, get low, lie flat, cover your head, and hold on. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, anchor items that could fall over and hurt someone. That's why we've outlined the lifesaving guide below—so you'll know when acting on your fearlessness isn't the answer.Mistake #1: Letting Confidence Override Your GutIn his book The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker explains that victims of potentially violent behavior often intuitively sense danger before the attack occurs. Or maybe you have been taken hostage or caught in a crossfire. More and more damaged and psychotic individuals do things like this with each passing year. 17. "People often scatter their stuff, which is a huge mistake," says retired San Diego police sergeant Sanford Strong, author of Strong on Defense. Use a landscape design that discourages fire from reaching your home. In some terrorist attack situations that involve an active shooter still in the vicinity, some people were able to survive by pretending to be dead to avoid being shot. This PADI course teaches you how to spend extended periods of time underwater on a single breath, making it easier to encounter marine life and improving your air…. That's why it's important to know how to aim and pull the trigger correctly if you have a gun. Check for damage to your location using a flashlight. Share. "Mistake #2: Assuming The Weapon Is Just There To Scare You"It's true that most muggers brandish a weapon as a form of intimidation only and they have no real intention of using the gun," says safety expert Tom Patire, author of Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook. Whatever you do don’t rub them! For example, pine, fir, evergreen, and eucalyptus trees are more flammable than hardwood trees. The thing is, the chances of surviving in such situations is less than 10%. Keep a flashlight and telephone within easy reach at night. Then break a window and start screaming for help. Concrete is a big no no. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); If this is not possible then close your mouth and put your hand and arms in front of your face to create an air pocket. Would you make the right decision and survive these 8 dangerous situations? var _g1; Gather any supplies, wake or otherwise alert family members, etc. Finally, relax, bend your knees, go feet first, and try to roll. If you can’t find it try to determine the direction of the tornado, get out of your car, and run the other way! "And when you prolong the attack by not cooperating, you significantly increase your risk of getting hurt. Subscribe 35. If you plan on escaping, do it quickly. You also should cover your ears if you are right in the midst of such things, as thunder has been known to actually rupture people's eardrums at really close proximity. or chiding "Stop overreacting—nothing will happen. For example, with the recent attacks and tensions, the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium would not be a good event to attend. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); Create an evacuation plan and practice getting family members, pets, and supplies to shelter quickly. While I never have experienced this in the truest sense, I hike a lot and I know how easy it is to get relatively lost almost right away when getting off the trail. If this is not possible and there is no cover available then lie flat on the ground with your hands over your head (we know, but at least it’s better than standing with your hands over your head). As soon as you get knocked down your chances decrease significantly. Your head is important and you want to make sure it stays with your body right? If you are in a strange place or didn’t prepare a cover spot, get underneath the nearest sturdy table or corner furthest from windows for cover. Once your home is secured from the outside, remain indoors. If no one is around to give you the Heimlich maneuver then you will have to do it on yourself. The best thing we can suggest? It’s that nagging thought, “What if I fell?”. Use safety belts to secure backpacks and pets. Stay near a wall and follow it until you find an exit. Look for water, preferably moving water. Do NOT attempt to wade through or drive through standing water on roadways, bridges, or any other area. Do not lose hope and stay mentally active. "Mistake #5: Getting Ballsy When Someone Enters Your HomeHome is a safe haven, so when someone dares mess with your nest, a protective instinct usually kicks in. If you feel yourself losing conciousness though, lie as flat as possible on the ground against a wall. Have a plan for being able to pump this water from the source to the house both using an electric pump and using a non-electric pump in case power is out. Know the terrain and area including potential hazards like bodies of water, swampy areas, or boating hazards. } If you have not built a safe room, go to a small interior room on the lowest level of your home. Try and get to high ground; it seems like that is a bad idea, going up, but you might get a view that will allow you to orient yourself to your surroundings. Mobile homes are not safe during a hurricane. Heavy furniture such as armoires and bookcases as well as mirrors, light fixtures, and appliances should be anchored or secured in advance. Put your arms and feet up and push on the casket with your legs. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. When pulling the trigger, you need to make sure that the trigger is in the middle of the tip of your index finger. Have a regular maintenance schedule for all furnaces, clothes dryers, chimneys. This would be a closet, bathroom, or hallway. Try to find a low lying spot and squat down. Keep all recreational vehicles such as boats, bicycles. Worst case scenario just lay low, lie down and cover your head and hope for the best. Learning to dive in the Persian Gulf was actually childhood “training,” prepping for an unknown future. Have a regular maintenance routine that prevents build-up of any flammable materials in gutters, chimneys, on the roof and along the edges of your home. Prepare and practice an evacuation plan. Unlike the other situations on our list, this one will require all of your capacities to be fully functional for an extended period of time. "To keep safe, listen carefully to what this person wants and keep your attention focused on him. Then try and figure out where to land. Follow her. They all are really but being buried alive just sounds no fun at all. You think he just cowers in the bathroom for no reason at all during these things? And speaking of zombies, this brings us to our most dangerous situation…. A PADI Worldwide Company. If this is not possible though then you need to extend your arms and legs away from yourself to spread the impact and keep yourself from being thrust deep into the water. If you can not do that, then when you are in a lightning storm, one that is really nearby, you want to squat down as low as you possibly can without your body actually touching the ground. Remember Hansel and Gretel? Weather related disasters and geological events can truly wreak havoc on not just your household but also entire cities or regions of land. December 9, 2011, 2:09 pm. If you are going to try and escape do it as soon as you possibly can. Lastly, try urinating, seriously. "Appealing to your attacker's compassionate side will often enrage him because he knows you're attempting to distract him, and as a result, he'll be more aggressive about getting what he came for. Let's say you are in the middle of a natural disaster, maybe something like an avalanche, or a tornado, or who knows, maybe you fell off the top of a tall building.

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