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King Khalim's Conundrum. A Royal Secret – A historian in the area is studying the Ventus empire and needs some more info on the subject. Alfyn’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here. Travel to Atlasdam. The Adventures of Ali . I only had a 35% chance to allure him but it worked on my first try. Right outside the town there is a man fishing with a net and stealing all the fish. To the east of town there is a bridge that goes south and a man on the other side. This one can be found after H’annit’s Chapter 4. Go at it alone or team up with seven other characters, as the choice is entirely yours in this grand adventure. Give the dress to the dancer in blue and she will be happy and you will complete the quest. Use Primrose or Ophelia to get her to follow you and then escort her to Bolderfall. The Innocent Inmate – This didn’t pop up as a quest for me but there is a jail near the Cathedral in Flamegrace.

Give him a healing grape and you will be rewarded with 1500. It’s expensive. Below is a walkthrough for The Price of Vengeance, a Side Quest in Octopath Traveler. Kaia Mother Of Dragons – When you enter Bolderfall you will see a girl who has a quest. In Octopath Traveler you can Allure people to aid you in combat with Primrose.

For this one you need to go to the town of Rippletide. This guide on How To Unlock All Classes In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends DLC explains how open up additional classes to play in the Legends DLC…, If games have taught us just one life lesson, it’s that war never changes. Thanks to Shion Yorigami for the location of the quest. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest. Ashlan The Beast Master 2 – You can find Ashlan again near the Arena gate and he wants the sword known as Snakesbane. The last one is found in Duskbarrow. There’s an old man in town who has an “old-people” friendly bow.

Use Olberic as a tank and make sure you have Alfyn to take stun off him. Thanks to Charlie Wu for the comment. You can turn this in after you recruit Therion. Talk to Reggie, on the west side of the main plaza. How To Increase Allure Chance With Primrose In Octopath Traveler, How To Open Locked Chests In Octopath Traveler, How To Increase Therion’s Steal Chance In Octopath Traveler, How To Use The Crucifix In Phasmophobia – Prevent Ghost Hunting, Where To Find Gyozen’s Lost Scrolls & Oni Treasure In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends, How To Unlock All Classes In Ghost Of Tsushima Legends DLC. Some of the items are easy to steal but others will have a low chance. We are doing these as we go along so check back for more updates. In Search Of The Unknown – Near the entrance of Marsalim you will find an old Aristocrat who is searching for something new. This one can be found in Atlasdam after you complete the first part of the quest. Check out this, In Octopath Traveler you will sometimes run into locked chests. The Prisoner's Plea. Is this free to play adventure worth checking out, or should you stick with something else? – Thanks to George for the comment. Thanks to Balmung6 for the comment. Ria Born To Roam 2 – Ria makes her second appearance in Wellspring. Some people are easy while stronger people are more difficult to allure. Le Mann Explorer Extrodinare – Le Mann on the docks of Rippletide is looking for help getting started on his adventures. A homage to the classic RPGs of yore, Octopath Traveler offers many ways for the player to play the game. Head back to Rippletide and bring Ophilia with you for the guide action. The Bouncer – Inside the Tavern in Sunshade there is another quest giver. The Prisoner's Plea. You can warp out if you don’t want to talk all the way out. Return to Le Mann at the end of the dock and give him the gear to complete the quest. You can Bring the amnesiac girl in Sunshade to one of the ruffians to solve it as well. Alphas and the Impresario. Why not join us today? Using Tressa or Therion you can find the man who stole her letter in this town. Travel to Goldshire, enter the Cathedral, and Inquire/Scrutinize Bishop Donovan (the guy halfway down the aisle of pews) to learn why he’s been too busy to remain in touch lately. Head to the palace area and in the area opposite of the library there is a manor. 146. He swears he has paid all his debts but he is still being hounded by moneylenders. If you go to the Royal Academy Library in Atlasdam, Mercedes is the head Librarian (the one who talks to Cyrus about the Archives in Chapter 1 of his story), and you give her the letter. Turns out if you beat him down with Olberic then the woman will say something rather dark and then leave but you will beat the quest.

Fit For A King – You need Tressa for this one and all the ingredients can be bought in Atlasdam. Kaia Mother Of Dragons 2 – Kaia makes another appearance in Quarrycrest and she is looking for a guy who knows about eggs. The beast is in the Quicksand Caves North and East of Wellspring. This is after Primrose’s Chapter 4 quest. Return to Riverford to give the necklace to Reggie and trigger a cutscene that will finish the quest. Sir Miles Servant Of The Flame 2 – Miles is in Stillsnow and he wants to have a fight to improve his skill. Again with Alaic. Use either Cyrus or Alfyn to inquire at the girl in the blue hat near the weapon shop and she will help you find out the truth. Up To No Good – One of the merchants in town is having some issues with ruffians. Therion has his chapter 2 there. Should players climb aboard, or does this tale not…. He needs Charcoal, Flax and a Handy Metal Container. A Way Through The Woods – There is a woman in S’warki who needs an escort to Bolderfall to see her husband. Let's Play Octopath Traveller by Mega64 - Part 159: Side Story: In Search of the Unknown . Face the guard next to her with either Obleric or H’annit. A Promising Venture. You can find his captain in Victors Hollow, allure him back to Goldshore. Check out this guide to find out how to, In Octopath Traveler, you will run into plenty of side quests and side activities to do. In that town there is a man up some stairs and if you use Inquire on him he will give you the info on the City of Gold. Never Forget – Near the edge of town there is another man who is looking for his lost love named Lorie. For this one you need to use Cyrus or Alfyn and head to the Chieftain inside of the palace. Once you arrive, look for the Passionate Peddler in front of the Provisioner, who has something called the Tales from a Faraway Land on his person. He will talk about other guards taking weapons from people in lower Bolderfall. He has a strength of ten, so he is definitely a challenging battle. Head up to Stillsnow and talk to the beet farmer there. After you lose, a cut scene will happen and Mathilda and Tony get engaged. The second can be found in Atlasdam near the Tavern, the Crest Bearing Drunk has it. Clearbrook is where you start if you pick Alfyn. Part 159: Side Story: In Search of the Unknown Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands There's a few more side stories involving Marsalim. The Hidden Hoard is a side story in Octopath Traveler.

Theracios Tuteledge – You can find Theracio in Atlasdam, near the entrance. The person you are looking for is the exotic grandma, she can read different languages.

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