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How to watch, listen and live stream New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams on October 4, 2020. Just open the closet and pull out the old yellow and blue ones. Not a fan. Saw the Chargers new ones up top. In this week's edition of the Next Gen Stats Photo Essay, NFL Research's Zach Feldman dissects the numbers behind the most intriguing storylines heading into Week 6. The horns circling the shoulders of their royal-blue jerseys also have the crease, echoing the style of the new team logos unveiled earlier in the spring. Why did they go to those numbers also? Not a terrible uni and better than a lot of the other ones out there (Browns i’m looking at you). Still hate what Nike has done to NFL uniforms though. But that patch has got to go. They also changed the look of their yellow uniform numbers, altering their shape and adding a yellow-to-white color gradient similar to the much-debated technique used in their new logos. Raider jerseys are top 5 every year yet recieve the same amount of money as the team ranked 32!

The Los Angeles Rams Media Week rolls on. As for the subtle details, that’s just Nike being Nike, meaning stupid. In fact, the red on red is about as awesome as it gets. Recommended For You. The helmet looks like the hood ornament on a truck.

I like the new helmets, and the color combo of jerseys look good. Awful, when will Nike learn that gradient anything NEVER works. The Rams have added distinct creases to the horn on their famous blue helmets, which now have a metallic sheen. Any uniform change is controversial, especially with an older franchise, but I’d say they nailed it.
Demoff and Tyrel Kirkham, the Rams’ vice-president and general manager of merchandise, said the team petitioned the league to add the bone color as an homage to the color of a ram horn and other elements of the Southern California lifestyle. “We felt there was more creative opportunity with the second uniform to make changes. It takes the marketing geniuses at Nike to take a truly iconic NFL helmet logo and break it. I just thought it was super creative, different than what’s been done before, and really fitting for our new stadium. The uniform also has three sets of pants, one for each of the three primary colors. Both jerseys feature front patches, with a Rams wordmark logo on the royal jersey and three-stacked Los Angeles Rams wordmark on the bone jersey. Don’t know about that all-blue. Hill referenced Deion Sanders and a part of one of the Hall of Famer’s more famous quotes. I mean, see Tampa Bay for a how not to. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0, Jamaal Williams: Aaron Rodgers would never lose track of downs, Gregg Williams: Jets allowing 32 points a game is not all on the defense, Report: Le’Veon Bell choosing between Bills, Chiefs and Dolphins, Chiefs will pay Le’Veon Bell $690,000 in salary, up to $1 million in incentives, Jets reportedly trying to trade Le’Veon Bell, lines and shading and something other than the continuous solid horn. Take a look behind the scenes of the Los Angeles Rams 2020 Media Week. The Bucs logo looks like it belongs on the children’s menu at Red Lobster. He grew up in Southern California and graduated from Cal State Northridge. The uniforms are a different story though. Seaward says: The Los Angeles Rams are getting new uniforms and first unveiled new logos and tweaks to their colors. Rams should have stayed with blue and white. Exuberance caused Dodgers’ Game 7 hero Cody Bellinger’s shoulder injury. The Rams will wear yellow or blue pants below the same blue jersey. E.D is right.. First thing I noticed was the chargers looking bolts on the shoulders and pants.. The lighter uniform introduces a first-of-its-kind color called Bone, which reflects the color of an actual Rams horn and the beaches of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Rams fans were set up for an exciting offseason. I think they look pretty good.

He began working for The Times in the San Fernando Valley edition and has reported on high school, college and pro sports.
All rights reserved. The last one was alright but kind of boring. Ryan Dyrud October 13, 2020. Bad news: The Rams have finally unveiled their new uniforms. Nike designers…thumbs down.

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