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They then write “the bible” which is in the form of individual or group stories for each character. Think you know the priorities of Pobol fans? Der Ort der Serie Cwmderi ist fiktiv, er liegt zwischen den Städten Carmarthen und Llanelli. Buddug Williams, who currently plays Anti Marian, also played Mrs Harries, mother to Reg and Sabrina, back in 1974. Listen to Pobol-Y-Cwm theme song and find more theme music and songs from 32,913 different television shows at TelevisionTunes.com River City, Monday at 10 pm on BBC Scotland Channel (repeated Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One Scotland). River City, tonight at 10 pm on BBC Scotland Channel, Goodbye Molly, in BBC Scotland’s River City.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Step aside Judy, move over Robert there’s a new judge on the TV block, Judge Martin Smudge. With the pressure mounting on him from every direction, he has a startling offer for Carys. Makes you wonder if the actors and crew actually get any time off. The fictional community of Cwmderi celebrates 40 years on screen today. Click agree to consent to the use of this technology. On the set of Pobol y Cwm at the BBC Studios in Cardiff Bay, Comedian, singer and entertainer Max Boyce, Gareth Lewis who plays Meic Pierce inside the set of the Deri pub, Actor Ioan Gruffudd sends soap Pobol y Cwm a special 40th birthday message. In der Dorfkneipe oder in einem Café trifft man sich und plaudert.

Apparently they were: “Bore da, Maggie Mathias” (or good morning, Maggie Mathias), as spoken by Harri Parri (Charles Williams). It might not be a Hollywood budget-buster, but there’s a little bit of luxury for those hardworking thespians – there are 13 changing rooms for the cast and two crowd changing rooms. Pobol y Cwm has been on air since October 1974. Für die Serie sind sowohl englisch- wie walisischsprachige Untertitel verfügbar. And it’s that workrate again – on average Pobol y Cwm record 80 pages of script per day, much higher than any other UK soap. Pobol y Cwm. When Lenny arrives, Paul is equally antagonistic towards him, angering Rory. Mai 2020 um 10:05 Uhr bearbeitet. In dieser Liste finden sich die Darsteller und ihre Rolle in der Serie. 27. It’s not all hard work and remembering lines – the goods sold in the shop and cafe, chocolates, cakes and so on are all real! Daw'r amser i Garry wynebu goblygiadau ei anffyddlondeb pan. BBC Broadcasting House in Llandaff was inundated with complaints. Whilst much of the show's early activity took place at a nursing home, storylines are currently centred on the village pub, Y Deri,[6] and its adjacent small businesses and houses. Das Leben der Dorfbewohner wird recht realitätsnah wirkend dargestellt. 33. Pobol y Cwm, Tuesday & Friday at 8 pm on S4C Aled is becoming more and more frustrated about the situation with Carys and Barry and decides that it is time for him to act. Thu, 15 Oct 2020. Rownd a Rownd, Tuesday and Thursday at 8.25 pm on S4C. Essential retailers won't close during the two week fire-break in Wales.

Kylie is keen to spend more time at the Iard, but is disappointed at the end. As with may soap operas and ongoing dramas, it’s filmed six weeks ahead of transmission, so there’s no risk of switching on the box to find they didn’t have one ready tonight. But don’t worry about the environmental impact of all that activity – more than half the lighting used on the production is energy efficient, with more than 350 lights are used in the studios.

If the fictional Cwmderi looks familiar, it’s because the valley shown on the opening titles and credits until 2003 was the view over Cwm Rheidol towards Bow Street in Ceredigion. In the Deri Arms the beer and wine which is served and drunk is actually weak shandy and grape juice. Pobol y Cwm hasn’t been afraid to tackle the gritty stories, either.
Twitter: @bbcpobolycwm Instagram: pobol_y_cwm When Paul takes a call from a mystery person the real reason for his arrival becomes clear. Filming has not restarted on the BBC’s longest-running soap because of a dispute over finances, sources say. 8. Which is better than cold coffee. Pobol y Cwm - Tue, 22 Sep 2020. 1.1 It’s a Welsh television stalwart now, but you might remember that the series was broadcast on BBC Two with on-screen English subtitles for a period of time during the early ’90s.

Elisabeth Miles, who played Megan Harris was in the first ever episode, and is still in the series 40 years on. The setting for the show is the fictional village of Cwmderi, located in Gwendraeth Valley, which is between Carmarthen and Llanelli in south-west Wales.

Pobol y Cwm ist sehr beliebt und die Sendung in Wales, die neben Rugby am meisten gesehen wird. Oh, the world of TV – even churches aren’t immune! A snitch tells Dani of Garry and Jaclyn’s affair and their plan to elope, but Dani’s in denial as she refuses to accept it. And on the male side, Gareth Lewis, who plays Meic Pierce, has been in the series for 39 years – with a gap of three years in the middle, but who’s counting?

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