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Brandon Stanton A former official told Rohde that Stephen Bannon specifically fed Trump conspiracy theories “to get the president to distrust the advice of career government officials who opposed Bannon’s policy goals.”, With all his reporting and research, Rohde comes to a conclusion that, borrowing slightly from W.C. Fields, news of the deep state has been greatly exaggerated. | “And it’s been a very lonely existence since then,” she says. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry ART & PHOTOGRAPHY ‧ Update 12/7/15 - The Deep was one of my Top 10 Picks of 2015.


Rohde agrees that Americans are justified in distrusting the government during periods of scandal and outrageous misconduct, and the author systematically walks through those cases, chronicling violations of citizens’ privacy, from the Cold War to Watergate to trumped-up evidence for Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction. It takes all of your fears, sticks them in the periphery of your vision, and taunts you. CURRENT EVENTS & SOCIAL ISSUES ‧ Militia groups started rumors that federal agents had intentionally killed children at Waco.

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Roberts deals with sexuality, class, religion, and politics, but not in such a way that sees these things as inevitable precursors to Lorca’s later life. That thing in the air that is deadlier than even your “strenuous flus”? Around this same time, a promising young student named William Barr had just graduated from Columbia University in New York and had joined the CIA as an intelligence analyst. Rodhe, an executive editor of the New Yorker website, examines where the conspiratorial term originated and how the Trump administration has consistently undermined checks-and-balances efforts in order to create its own “parallel, shadow government.” The term, coined by Peter Dale Scott in The Road to 9/11 (2007) to designate nefarious plans by foreign authoritative governments, was appropriated by Trump and associates to mean underhanded attempts by a “policy elite” (primarily the State Department, FBI, and CIA) to sabotage and delegitimize his election and government. Agency operatives had secretly funded or infiltrated student groups, university centers, and foundations across the United States.”, The committee concluded that the abuses weren’t the work of a few rogue officers — they were institutional. In 2019, Trump used the phrase as at least 23 times, twice the number he did in 2018.”. For the next forty years, Barr would work to strengthen the power of the president.”. “But no president had attacked the motives of career government officials as publicly or angrily as Trump. Which brings us back full circle to the deep state in the age of Trump, from the “birther movement” to conspiracy theories about Benghazi and authoritarianism and coverups. Sign up to get the best reviewed books of the week delivered every Monday morning -

Deep Song Reviews. The big news from veteran reporter Woodward’s follow-up to Fear has been widely reported: Trump was fully aware at the beginning of 2020 that a pandemic loomed and chose to downplay it, causing an untold number of deaths and crippling the economy. “In a society that declared itself exceptional, democratic, and free, the violations of privacy and liberty were stunning,” Rohde writes. Magazine Subscribers (How to Find Your Reader Number). POLITICAL & ROYALTY BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR “These stories are only honestly shared because they have a long history of being warmly received.” The ask is the hard part: approaching a total stranger and asking him or her to tell their stories.

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What the bipartisan committee found was that the two had been illegally investigating Americans for years. Throughout his immaculately researched work, Rohde inserts the career stories of “good civil servants,” including many of the officials who testified in the impeachment hearings. ISSUES & CONTROVERSIES, by From that moment on, the term became “part of the Trumpian lexicon, along with ‘witch hunt’ and ‘fake news,’ ” Rohde writes. GENERAL BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR

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