who is the most famous person in the world 2020

John admitted that he secretly attended a 2015 Comic-Con dressed as a stormtrooper!

Her Vegas residency broke records and her career just keeps going from strength to strength, especially as of late when she produced and starred in the 2019 hit, Hustlers and performed at the 2020 Super Bowl. Instagram Followers: 50 Million The celebrity net worths on this list have been collected from celebritynetworth.com. Did You Know? Twitter Followers: 4 Million Did You Know? Twitter Followers: 12 Million Sam’s biggest inspirations are Judy Garland and Lady Gaga. Did You Know? A mind-blowing fact about Nicki Minaj is that she was fired from 15 jobs before making it big! Net Worth: $330 Million Will Smith. The rapper has been scrutinized for her rumored plastic surgery, specifically on her breasts and nose.

The actor is mainly recognized for his acting career and has managed to keep his personal life out of the limelight. Nicki Minaj has had over 100 entries on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, and while the star has been nominated for ten Grammy Awards, she’s not won any, but has successfully bagged eleven BET awards over the years.

Other than that, Joaquin is engaged to fellow actress, Rooney Mara and the two are reportedly expecting a child together this year.

She only eats organic and gluten-free foods, and all of her cleaning products must be organic, too!

Net Worth: $500 Million

Twitter Followers: 36 Million Lady Gaga owns Michael Jackson’s clothes including one of his gloves and his Thriller jackets! Harry’s dating life is always on everyone’s lips, having famously hooked up with the likes of Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Learn more shocking Taylor Swift facts!

Meghan Markle told advisers that she wanted to the “most famous person on the planet,” before she and Prince Harry left the royal family, biographer Lady Colin Campbell claims..

Despite the negative attention, Khloe’s managed to find her passion in exercising. Hey there, I am Janith Sandaruwan.

Twitter Followers: 4 Million After finding success in Disney’s Camp Rock sequels, Demi moved on to singing and since then, has produced six successful albums and bagged numerous awards as well as two Grammy Award nominations. Twitter Followers: 65 Million

Despite her beef with Kanye West, Taylor actually has a framed photo of the infamous MTV VMA moment in her house! Despite her musical success, Katy also found her destiny by appearing as a judge on the panel of American Idol, has been crowned Billboard’s Woman of the Year twice before and has two clips listed as the most-viewed music videos of all time.

Twitter Followers: 2 Million

Instagram Followers: 13 Million Net Worth: $3.2 Billion She’s even expanded her business venture to include a skincare range, too. Other than being known as one of the world’s most attractive men, Brad Pitt also famously dated – and married – his celebrity costars. With over 300 awards, including 10 Grammys under her belt, it’s safe to say that Taylor is a music legend. While Demi is well known for her drug addiction and battle to stay sober, the singer, songwriter and actress has enjoyed a long and lucrative career. Speaking of love, Ed married his childhood friend and former high school classmate, Cherry Seaborn in January 2019 and they had a baby together in 2020. Net Worth: $50 Million Learn more about the reality-star in our Kim Facts post. Kim once released an embarrassingly bad music single and also starred in a cringe movie-role. To be the most famous person on earth, it’s a very deliberate policy and it has to involve a tremendous amount of controversy, otherwise you’re just not that famous.”, Read the Full Story: http://dailym.ai/3nLvV7g, Phone: (250) 372-3322Newsroom: (250) 851-3204, We strive to achieve the highest ethical standards in all that we do. Lea experienced ups and downs in 2020 – she announced that she was pregnant with her first child, but later in the year during the Black Lives Matter movement, she was accused of “bullying” and racism by her former Glee co-stars. Whether it’s his ‘soft’ personality, rumored hook-ups, or rap feuds, no matter what Drake does, he will always remain a beloved and popular celebrity in the entertainment world. She also donates a lot of time to charities and even helped release Alice Johnson from prison. The success of Adele’s album, 21 not only earned spots in the Guinness Book of World Records, but was also the longest-running number one album by a female solo artist in the history of the UK and US Album Charts.

In 2018, his remake of Jumanji grossed over $1 billion worldwide and his tour, Irresponsible became the largest selling comedy show with over one million tickets sold.

And while he’s had his fair share of public feuds, Kanye West has made headlines for much more than his occasional outbursts.

The fastest land animal is the cheetah , which has a recorded speed of between 109.4 km/h (68.0 mph) and 120.7 km/h (75.0 mph). Instagram Followers: 34 Million Their intense relationship took center stage for a while when it came out that Chris had beaten and bruised Rihanna. She’s the creative director of her Fenty x Puma collab, the owner of Fenty Savage Lingerie, her Fenty Beauty line and LVMH (her new couture fashion house). All Rights Reserved. She’s rocked the entertainment world by being involved in a notorious sex scandal, marrying Kanye West, and enduring a horrific robbery. In 2020, the sequel, Bad Boys for Life was released, sending fans into a frenzy. Instagram Followers: 99 Million Ari has admittedly suffered from anxiety following the bombing of her Manchester concert in 2017; after one of her former boyfriends, Mac Miller passed away, and going through a public break-up with her fiance, Pete Davidson.

Instagram Followers: 110 Million While she started off giving fans R&B music, the singer transitioned to pop-rock and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Comedy legend, Kevin Hart has had years of success; from his stand up tours to his onscreen projects, he has managed to enjoy a busy and fulfilling career. Kim has created her own workout DVDs, clothesline, book, mobile game, emojis, KKW Beauty line, perfume and shapewear. Her performance was so good, that she even won her first Oscar!

Having starred in major blockbusters like Titanic, Shutter Island, and The Wolf of Wall Street, Leo proves time and time again that his talent is phenomenal. Twitter Followers: 117k

Did You Know? But her relationships have been the most prominent part of her personal life, having dated A$AP Rocky, Nick Young and Playboi Carti.

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