why does satella love subaru

It was a slender woman. The only answer that I know is one thing, bewitch. Anything that is not mentioned on what he translated so far even if it’s related to how magic works and not the plot is still a spoiler and so a fair target for deletion. There’s something very wrong with Subaru here. Or are you Tony? There are people who have been saved by him and want to do the same to him.

The Witch of Envy, it was a name which he had heard countless times before, and a Witch whose threat he had experienced first-hand during their showdown in that loop inside the Sanctuary. Hmm…. I thought you and the Witches were her enemies? Though she said it with a casual air, the unconcealable disgust seeping into her voice made it clear that she wasn’t joking. She merely slaughtered everyone that Subaru cared about during that one timeline, possessed Emilia once and killed her in another timeline, and then she tried to forcibly assimilate him into herself.

Not the way he perceives her. Which is basically half the contract requirements seen in the chapter’s translated so it isn’t that uncommon of a contract requirement, so Subaru I hope you be nice to Satella, she’s just misunderstood! Or because subaru said so?..she is a dandere type which have lots of fans..or is this just personal?

She can also stop time and cover half the world in shadow, a global-scale Shamak). It was especially so now, after his last conversation with Echidona had spawned within him an aversion to the word “Witch” itself. As said, he loves her but doesn't know (or more like remember) why. “WHILE, noticing the white-haired Witch’s gaze, the bundle of hair shuddered” —> “Meanwhile” might sound better, still some revelations after ‘good’ satella rezero never boring, You ever just want to share ur theories but u don’t cuz u don’t want to spoil it for others , yeah half of these guys dont realize the obvious let alone thinking more deeply then who is the best witch girl >which is disturbing< already read a semi bad translate of ark 4, side stories, some of ark 5/6 even when chickens catches up you still cant think of theories cus half will say its spoiling, “Bobby Wright


every since the witch of envy / Satella appeared, I only felt bad for her and kinda hated Subaru. As far as I know, talking won’t work with her!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Without knowing the person that summoned him, or the reason for being summoned in the new world, he soon befriends a silver-haired-half-elf girl, Emilia. Emilia (Lust) Simplest way to disprove Emilia = Satella.

probably another dana experiment. Ram (Sloth)

Camilla, who had kept silent up to now, suddenly interrupted Subaru’s question. Satella’s mana affinity is Yin (you’ll discover eventually that Yin can do things like create pocket dimensions. [Subaru: But why is she here in the firs……], [Minerva: Because you made her mad by blabbing about stuff you shouldn’t have? The fear and disgust he feels is probably instinctual…. Satella wasn't the one who wrote the book, somebody else manipulated Betelgeuse, drove him to insanity and made him follow the gospel. Felt (Gluttony) Nobody could kill her. My theory is that Subaru is a very lonely child who has never received any love from his parents and gets bullied in school. Their sin affinity might match as another new title, not witch nor arcbishop.

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